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How to choose the best drywall contractor for your repair job

So you've got a hole in the wall, and you've deciding its outside your abilities to repair it properly. You unfortunately don't have any handyman friends on which to call, nor do you know any drywall contractors in the area. So, you're going to cold call a drywaller to fix your damage. How do you know which one will fix it the best and at the most competitive price? Here's a few considerations you should take before hiring out.

Size and Scope of the Damage

You'll be wise to investigate the damage yourself and estimate how much the repair job will cost. For example, a small hole in the wall run you less than $100, whereas a large hole may cost well over that. Sometimes people experience water damage in their ceilings or walls, which would also contribute to a higher price since the leak must be fixed before the drywall is repaired or restored. Another consideration is where the damage has been done. In garages and kitchens, Type X drywall is used as it is thicker than traditional drywall and is therefore more fire resistant. With this extra thickness, however, comes increased cost. Moreover, understanding what affects the price of the repair job will help you better understand what to expect when the contractor gives you a quote.

Experience of the Drywall Contractor

As is with any service, you'll want to hire a drywall handyman that is rich in experience. That's why you're hiring out in the first place, right? Drywall contracting is different from other trades in that it has low barriers to entry but the quality of repairs and installations vary significantly. Consider lawn mowing and how it too has low barriers to entry. Yet, a badly mowed lawn still looks pretty darn good when the grass is cut. With drywall repair, however, the drywall contractor with lots of experience will undoubtedly produce better results. A good rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for in the drywall industry. Ask the drywall contractor how long they've been in the trade and if they have any referrals on which you can call. If previous clients of theirs have bad reviews about their work, you'll want to look to the next contractor.

A Great Drywall Repair Business

San Jose Drywall Repair is one of the best darn drywall contractors California has seen. They are quick in their work, yet do not sacrifice quality. They are experienced in their skills, and they have the know how to repair just about any drywall repair job out there.


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